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Smart TV

Best smart TV brands in the business.

Smart TVs work similar to the local computer which means it can connect to any Wi-Fi network or any other device. Just like the computer or laptop, you will be asked to enter login details in order to connect any other device. Televisions are developed now with the most advanced technology which includes various qualities …

Smart TV

Best korean movies apps

Here are some of the best korean movies apps KDRAMA Although KDRAMA isn’t eligible for an official list here, it’s a great application to mix with other Korean drama applications as you cannot use it to screen Korean drama. Korean-drama-app-for-android   KDRAMA is an application designed to associate fans with other fans. You can share feedback, …

Smart TV

Top free smart tv apps

If you’ve just been in the right place to look for Best Samsung Mobile TV Apps. We also launched some amazing Samsung smart television applications to make the most of your Samsung TV. when it comes to making smart televisions, Samsung has shattered the ball. In the last few years, several 4K 8K OLED series …

Smart TV

Best Android Smart TV Apps

Ever since the launch of android tv, the perspective of people towards television changed drastically. It is considered to be one of the most significant inventions made changing lives of the people as people can now enjoy watching latest movies, web series and listen to their favorite music with the help of various apps suitable …


Picking a Flat Panel Monitor

Flat panel monitors have now replaced bulky Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) displays. CRTs have met their demise similar to 8-track tapes and vinyl records. When we get a flat panel monitor, what is important other than low-cost? Personal Computer monitors have evolved from the early green screen and color monitors sold with the IBM PC …