Smart TVs work similar to the local computer which means it can connect to any Wi-Fi network or any other device. Just like the computer or laptop, you will be asked to enter login details in order to connect any other device. Televisions are developed now with the most advanced technology which includes various qualities like voice control capabilities, internet connection, play games and what not.

Many televisions have been launched in the market and the features of those televisions, their cost, their benefits, disadvantages everything differs. It’s our responsibility to study about all the televisions and decide what we want for ourselves. These come with better panels, better visuals, better shape, and better quality is what you absolutely deserve. There are many top brands in the market which have launched their own super-efficient Smart TVs which are definitely the smartest ones.

In addition to the previous features, today Smart TVs provide us with additional benefits like sharing screen, view the content from the smartphones and tablets on your TV screen. You can finally get rid of your old DVD player because now it’s the time to sit and enjoy the smartest television.

Below mentioned are some of the top TV brands in India.


Apart from the cameras, mobiles and tablets, Sony has also excelled in the field of television. They have been making use of the best technology and Sony has always kept up with the up to the mark products. It has been in this business for almost 69 years now and they have never failed to produce the best LED smart televisions for its customers.


Samsung has always been in news for their amazing gadgets, technology and most definitely smart TVs. You can save lots of money if you buy the amazing smart TVs by Samsung. The main reason is that there are many attractive deals available on this technology and hence it is the best time to upgrade your TV. There are connectivity options like HDMI, WIFI Screen mirroring support and also Bluetooth. The on-screen menu on this television will also provide you with available internet channels which appears similar to apps showcased on your smartphone.


This Japanese company has delivered some of the best televisions so far. The brand has been producing great electrical products in various segments. This was founded by an electrical engineer and now we know why Hitachi is so good in production of electrical goods.


Like Samsung and Sony, LG also specializes in many other fields apart from producing the best smart televisions in the market. They have various products like microwave ovens, refrigerators, washing machine and rechargeable batteries too. The best part about this global brand is that it has been focusing a lot on the quality of the technology that it produces so that the customers can get the best performance out of it.