A monitor is generally a display tool used in Computers, Televisions. The monitors are of different types; they are Classical monitors of Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), Modern monitors of Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display (TFT-LCD), and Latest monitors of Plasma display, Surface Conductor Emitter Display (SED), Field Emission Display (FED) and Organic Light Emitting Display (OLED).

The monitor size is measured in the aspect of diagonal which is given in inches or centimeters. The Aspect ratio is not having any role in measuring of monitor size. The main reason for the measurement of the monitor diagonally is that at the time of introduction of monitors the CRT monitors are of circular in shape so it was necessary to determine the diameter of the circular tube rather than the height and breadth of the monitors. Nowadays, monitors in Rectangular shape are available with the option of widescreen for the customers.

The viewers are generally attracted towards the monitors of larger screen such as 19″ or 21″ or 23″ or 25″. The widescreen resolution is making a silent revolution among the viewers, as it enlarges the viewing space of the monitor. The impact in the wide screen is that the viewers are able to analyze even the minute details present in the videos or pictures. The wide screen view of the monitors increases the viewer’s fondness towards monitor since it gives them a broad view. The widescreen facility is available only in the large screen monitors.

There is also a new concept added to the larger screen monitors which is generally termed as the High Definition Display or (HDD) which enhances the picture quality of the monitor by the high pixel definition. High Definition is termed as the High Resolution of the monitors. The pixel density of the monitor is varied according to the need of the picture in the screen such as,

1. 1280*720 – aka 720 p

2. 1920*1080 – aka 1080 i

3. 1920*1080 Progressive – aka 1080 p

Where the ‘p’ denotes Progressive Scanning and ‘i’ denotes the Interlaced Scanning. Standardized High Definition (HD) is the 1080p which is used commonly around the world. It also provides clear picture, anti – blur and works faster than the other High Definition monitors. Nowadays, most of the PC games are playable only in High Definition monitors. These HD monitors are chiefly available only in the larger screen size of the monitors such as 23″ or 25″ which automatically becomes the prefatory preference for the clients.

The classical monitor sizes of 15″ or 17″ are seldom preferred by the people since they lack some features like, the widescreen features, High Definition Display and most of all the CRT displays consume large amount of power compared with that of large screen monitors made of LCD or Plasma.

These features make the large screens more preferable than that of small screen monitors.So, now in most of the houses, the larger screen size (19″ – 25″) of the monitors are preferred by the people for the following reasons,

1. Grace for the clarity of the picture or video,

2. Wide screen,

3. High Definition Display and

4. Lesser power consumption.

Therefore, people generally prefer for the Large Screen viewing which gives them the effect of watching the picture or the movie as in Theatre or Big Screen. The Home theatre music system also became a necessity in most of the houses. These features give them the real enjoyment they expect while watching a movie in Theatre. Moreover, the large LCD screens and Plasma screens are very flat and can be easily fitted in the wall without any trouble which makes them more preferable than the classical small inch monitors made of CRT.